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A midwestern Congressman is killed in a car accident four months before his re-election. A stunned state party hierarchy scrambles to identify a likely candidate who can become a four month incumbent. The prestige of the state's most powerful senator, who is planning a future run for the Presidency, requires that they salvage the campaign and retain the congressional seat. Joe Murphy, a young ambitious county prosecutor, is appointed to fill the unexpired term after a hurried investigation into his background reveals nothing. Hidden in Joe Murphy's past is a dark episode from his college days, which twenty-five years later he has pushed into the hidden dark attic corners of his life. Joe Murphy's campaign is headed for victory when people and events from past threaten to ruin everything. Powerful forces of evil take over. The campaign ends with a thrilling surprise that evolves from a primeaval soup of excitement, love, anguish, greed, justice, corruption and power.
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ISBN: 9780595720644
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