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A Message
I, Wilfred Stewart, would like to take this time-out to send this message to all the kids out there attending school. We all know that going to school is a little stressful at times, but I am here right now to tell you that education is the key to success. It is a very important piece of tool to have; if you don’t use that piece of tool today, you surely are going to use it tomorrow or sometime in the future. But first, you have to know and believe that there is a God that loves us all, and next you have to respect and obey your parents. The Bible says that you must honor your mother and father, and your days will be longer on this earth.
The same respect goes for your teachers in the classroom and the elders on the street, at home, on the bus, or wherever they may be because they are the ones who set the foundation for me and you. And please don’t go to school because your parents send you to school or because you want to show off your new shoes or a new phone. Go because you want to achieve something good in life for you and your family and also to let your parents feel proud about you. One of my favorite Jamaican singer song goes like this, “Book book book, you must pressure your book.” And that was really cool of him saying that in his song. Because reading is knowledge, and knowledge is power. I believe in building more schools and paying teachers more money; also if there are any kids out there who like to tag property or write graffiti, that means you have the potential to become an artist. And you should be taking some art courses at a school. When I look and see what some kids had to go through in school in other third world countries, for instance, Jamaica, some schools don’t even have their first computer as yet. And the kids here have everything at the tip of their fingers. The only thing I am asking you to do is to use the opportunity that you have now to the fullest extent. To anyone who reads this book, please reach out to the next person closest to you and tell him/her to take school seriously or go back to school.
Also to the parents, they have this little quote that says, “The best teaching or the best school begins at home.” We all love our kids, but we need to have a boundary between love and discipline because they will abuse the love that you have for them. Sometimes a little whipping is good, even the Bible tells us that “we must not save the rod of correction, and spoil the child.” Sometimes we need to make random check at the school and even on their backpack before they leave home in the morning or when they get home from school in the evening. Check for homework/assignment; let the kids spend more time reading books and less time playing games, only if it is educational.
It is not nice when the police is the first one to whip a child; sometimes it is caused by something that the child brings, says, or does at home. It may be very simple, but because we, the parents, don’t stop it, it leads to the police whipping our child and putting them in jail. The next thing I want to point out to all the students is going to school. Why take a weapon to school? The only heavy-duty weapon a child should carry in their backpack to school is a Bible, and it should contain several live scriptures that shoot through the devil, from Genesis to Revelation. That is all you need to fight the biggest battle.
I don’t write this book for fame or success; I write this book for the children to become successful. And last but not least, I could not have written this book without mentioning this great legend by the name of Bob Marley because when the time got rough and tough, I always sing his song that goes like this, “Don’t worry, about a thing, for every little thing, is gonna be all right.”
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