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3/5 (2 ratings)
78 pages
52 minutes
Oct 13, 2009


The 1st story of a series of three, the LAUGH OUT LOUD Boomerang book, tells the story of the Tompkins family and their cat Bonkers! Bonkers had an unfortunate accident, which left one of his eyes pointing north and the other one pointing south! The story follows the family and Bonkers through their crazy escapades involving a herd of Muntjac Deer and one particularly mischievous deer called Boomerang! The antics of the characters throughout the book will have children and adults giggling alike from start to finish. After reading the book, check out www.singleplypublishingcompany.co.uk, to keep up to date with the characters of Boomerang and of the following books.
Oct 13, 2009

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Boomerang - Paul Langley



Mrs Tompkins had been laying awake in bed for over an hour now, watching the lamp shade on the ceiling swing back and forth in perfect harmony with her husband’s snoring.

Did it sound like a rocket launching? Perhaps an aircraft crash landing? No, it’s more like an elephant giving birth, she decided.

In the flickering light under the bedroom door she could see movement on the landing.

Not being able to stand another moment of the continuous torment, she very quietly got out of bed. Grabbing a pillow, she fluffed it up and threw it directly at her husband. He immediately woke up and was horrified to see her heading towards the windows.

No, don’t do that, pleaded Mr Tompkins, but it was too late.

His wife pulled back the blinds, letting bright sunshine flood into the bedroom.

What a lovely day, she said.

Giving out a long, loud groan, Mr Tompkins buried himself back under the bedclothes.

This was the signal that the children had been waiting for, and they burst open the bedroom door, yelling, "SURPRISE!"

With them was Bonkers, their boss-eyed cat, who, unfortunately for him, had to wear specially adapted glasses.

He wasn’t born like that and was originally called George, but then one day when the children were playing in the back garden, he accidently got hit over the head with a cricket bat. One of his eyes went North and the other went South. Mr Tomkins took one look at him and said Wow, he looks as if he’s gone completely bonkers! and that’s how he got his name.

It’s not even 8 o’clock yet, said Mr Tompkins.

The children sang, with a little help from their mother, Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Bonkers, happy birthday to you!

This is too much for me, said Mr Tompkins. Please can I go back to sleep now?

Don’t be so miserable! said Mrs Tompkins. Look, Daddy, we’ve made you breakfast, said Amy, his little girl.

Mr Tompkins sat up, put on his glasses and watched as the tray was placed on his lap.

Oh my, that does look nice, dear. A coco- pop sandwich with a mashed banana, all nicely swimming in cold milk. But hold on, what’s this brown stuff squelching out of the side?

Marmite! screamed Amy, jumping up and down with excitement.

Lovely...why not give it to the birthday boy? said Mr Tompkins.

Don’t be silly, said Amy, he can’t eat bananas.

Thanks a bunch, Bonkers said to himself, though I don’t know why I bother to say anything since they can’t hear me.

Cough-cough, went Mrs Tompkins, while looking daggers at her husband.

Okay, okay, said Mr Tompkins. Thank you, darling. Daddy can’t WAIT to eat it, but he’ll just leave it here on the bedside table while he takes a shower. Now, why don’t you take Bonkers into the garden and read him a story? After all, it’s HIS birthday, not mine.

Amy said, Because he keeps running away.

Make sure you tie him to a tree, and then he won’t be able to escape, said Mr Tompkins.

Oh, thanks very much, thought Bonkers as he was dragged from the bedroom. This is going to turn out to be the best birthday I’ve ever had. Boo hoo.

Well, aren’t you going to eat your breakfast? said Mrs Tompkins with a slight smile on her face as she put on her dressing gown, ready to follow the children downstairs.

Not likely, said Mr Tomkins. That’s going straight down the loo as soon as I have finished my shower. At the very least it will help to keep the rat population down.

Having a shower, are you? said Mrs Tompkins thoughtfully as she closed all the windows, inserted her earplugs and quickly left the room.

Mr Tompkins turned on the shower, waited until it was hot and steamy, and then stepped in. He immediately broke into a song. This morning’s pleasure was ‘Tragedy’ by the Bee Gees. A very appropriate title, bearing in mind Mr Tompkins couldn’t sing to save his life.

What an awful din! shouted Mrs Jones from next door as she tried to stuff her head under the matress.

Mr Tompkins was just attempting for the fourth time to reach the highest note when suddenly he heard his little girl screaming, followed shortly by

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  • (3/5)
    Written by an Englishman with some brit phrases and humor. Loved the correspondence from Boomerang to Mr. Tompkins. Mrs. Tompkins was a bit of a bore always running to her mother. I entered to receive this book through a Goodreads giveaway because I thought my daughters and I would enjoy this book together! That, we did.