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Your baby seems tired-she acts cranky and fussy-but when you put her down for a nap or bedtime, why won't she sleep? Is she hungry, is it too loud or too bright, or is she sick or uncomfortable? Which of these factors really keep her from sleeping through the night? With The Everything Get Your Baby to Sleep Book, you'll learn to read your baby's needs -- from establishing a bedtime routine and soothing your baby to sleep to finding the right crib and getting your baby used to new surroundings. You'll learn more about: How much sleep your baby really needs; Coordinating feedings with sleep schedules; External and internal factors that affect your baby's ability to fall asleep; Getting your baby to differentiate between night and day; Why massage and swaddling can promote sleep; Managing your baby and getting rest for yourself. Packed with practical tips and easy to follow advice, The Everything Get Your Baby to Sleep Book is just the tool to help you-and baby-make it through the night!
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