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These are REAL photos (+90 photos in each book) of Balls of Light, Pure Love, Angels, & more! Pics are from a +17,000-photo collection taken by the author.

With Maison D’Être Publishing, Mike created this book and others, all interrelated.

He brainstorms intuitively (a process called “Whisking”) with businesses and individuals alike to help them expand in Life (“bizWhisk” & “lifeWhisk”).

What do you want to know in Life?
What should you let go of?
How do you need to grow?

Mike helps unlock a situation or person to Be More Efficient (Love), Open & Flowing.

Mike is an Empath who helps people get creative, spot obstacles, expand Thinking, find themselves & more.

Showing people Balls of Light (Angels) and having them speak with 3 Indian Chiefs to ask any Life Questions are part of the process (The Unconditional Love spirits of Dull Knife, Red Shirt & Geronimo respond, representing respectively Wisdom, Compassion & Action with answers and some humor too).

He heals with Angels and helps some folks meet their Guardian Angels (Angels & you do all the work!). People connect or talk with his Guardian Angel via a real photo too.

He sees balls of light daily (Pure Love, God’s love for us all, Angels). +17,000 pics back it up. Some people end up seeing Balls of Light too or unlock their Intuitive talents more.

All skills are already within us all.

He shows folks their energy field (Rainbow light, white light or colors), even over the phone. What does it All mean? It’s about Being, Loving and Letting Go.

Mike Believes in All, wants everyone to know their Angels, wants us all to have Peace & helps rid the world of Anger.

In his writings, he channels Mary, Jesus, the 3 Chiefs, Muhammad, Plato and others to talk about Unconditional Love, Opening the Heart & Mind, Letting Go, meeting & taming your Ego, & reaching your Inner Self (Love).
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Angels Please! (Book 10) - Michael A. Ford

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Book 10

See Life Energy Around You

Michael André Ford

Maison D’Être Publishing

Angels Please!

Welcome to a photo book about Life Energy, Love and You.

Some books in the Angels Please! series are theme-oriented (see for the specifics). The photos are real. You are energy, everything in life is energy and what you are seeing is a form of energy.

What are the pictures about? Balls of light? Angels? Pure Love? Maybe.

It is not for this book to tell you exactly what is what really. How can it be? Maybe the bigger point here is that there really are No Limits in Life for us.

It’s Your World. You have 5 senses, plus a Mind, Heart & Being. Use them!

Most people let Thinking and Reactions decide things for them.

Keep an Open Mind for these pictures... And remember a key concept: The more you let go in Life, the more you may Experience greater Love.

Maison D’Être Publishing

This Series is part of a broader book collection on Unconditional Love, Compassion, knowing one’s Inner Self, understanding one’s Ego (hard thinking, Judging, Fear), and finding one’s Life Truths to love more in Life.

Each person faces a unique Life situation and opportunity for growth. You can always find Inner Peace, more Joy, and a greater Awareness Level.

How? It already exists within, but you generate way too much Thinking!

No matter where anyone is in Life, that person can always open up their Heart and Mind more. What does this usually look like? How about a little less Thinking, for starters? Then try slowing down, breathing and smiling.

And then remember there is No Trying! You already can do all this stuff.

You have simply forgotten what you once knew long ago deep within, when everything was a little less complex and quite a bit more fun.

This Book

What is this Angels Please! book really about?

This is literally a book with camera shots of intelligent life