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When it comes to Starfl eet exploration and discovery in space, the USS
Enterprise will never be outdone. And the USS Defi ant that operated off of
Deep Space Nine near the Bajoran wormhole is a Starfl eet craft that has
proven herself to be a cut above other ships that serve Starfl eet. And the
dauntless efforts of the USS Voyager to overcome obstacles in the heart of the
Delta Quadrant, in her quest to return home to Federation Space, defi ne
what real courage is all about. But now, in the Federation Space of 2405 AD,
comes the USS Pericles and her unforgettable captain and crew. The USS
Pericles is a Nebula-class starship that strives to attain specifi c objectives. This
she does convincingly, out in the trenches of the UFP frontier. The USS
Pericles is the lead vessel within a triad that comprises the SIS group. The
SIS is a premier unit developed by Starfl eet Command. Acute, mysterious,
and dangerous circumstances centered primarily in the diplomatic realm
of existence out in the quadrants have deemed such action necessary.
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