How I Became Me
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How I Became Me is a book I wrote that is a story of my life. I have lived in eight states and over ten cites. From city to city I would bring something along with me were ever I went. That something was me. I have been addicted to sex and alcohol and cocaine and everything else I found enjoyable in my life. Those things also brought me so much depression and hurt and pain were I thought I didn’t want to live anymore. Infact I have tried to kill myself three times and once in a coma for three days.

I have gone up and down like most addicts do but the downs are so much worst then the ups. To all addicts who read this, let me show you what not to do. To all those who have love for addicts, read this to show what direction they are headed in. Follow my words and my lead cause most of us are the same and do the same dumb things. We don’t need love or some one who think they can show us the right way. We need to find a way our selves to want a reason to survive. To want to find something deep in ourselves to want to be in recovery.

To all that will listen this book is my true life
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