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The Dimming

The Dimming consists of the following: The Achilles Tendon, Realizations, Kwashiorkor Dreams, Park Rain, Unbridled, Not Expected, The Maid, Simple, Ivy’s Child, Killing Field, Everything, Gravesite, Obvious, Three Wishes, Pain’s Flower, Bloodbath, Blame, Pill Dreams, Speedball, Starving, Message, Silenced, Lost, Tick-Tock, The Coming, Transformation, Fairest Treasures, Crackerjacks, Preview, Latter Day Dances Too Late, Karma, Magic, Spots, Sight, Somewhere, Photos Pages. This material is a great rated PG picture book featuring original artwork, photos and written material by the well-loved yet as fans know nearly extinct author Sereena Nightshade.

Commentary on the short books in general: Please be advised that the color photos in these awesome Advantage Package books, break down Nightshade´s previously presented works while displaying new "materials" most commonly in RD #1 form, offering readers a rare glance into Nightshade´s private world as this writer is a true recluse.

A recluse though she may be Nightshade easily moves through different environments unabashed, easily approachable, garnering friendships and interviewing various individuals along the way.

These vibrant color photo books are guaranteed to delight fans with bold revealing pictures of Nightshade, her environment both past and current as well as some of Nightshade´s informal artwork.

Color books by Nightshade include: Last Dance, Nightshade Rains, The Killing Fields, Dysfunctional Meanderings, Grace and False Prophets, The Dimming, Low Lying Fruit, Tick Tock, Backlash, Riddle as well as additional books waiting behind the "Stage left side of life."

Upcoming Riddle features some of Nightshade´s current and likely last travel photos in this "Offering of many inadvertent and purposeful journeys intertwined in the carpets woven of mismatched threads, multilayered, multi-colored, singular tones, transparent and Pecksniffian where little is what one believes it to be or everything is a riddle no matter one´s wish for a variance sweet..," including Nightshade´s November 2013 journey.

However, be it Riddle or the many others, all of Nightshade´s color picture books sincerely enchanting for fans everywhere.

Names of individuals in all of this author´s books are fictitious names. Real names are not revealed.

Review by Dominic.
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