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The Killing Fields
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The Killing Fields is a rated R adult color book of poetry and photos describing the reality of being a stalking victim as this writer was from October 1999 to summer 2004. Stalker’s frequently tamper with, harm, abuse and/or murder animals (pets and livestock). During the years of stalking terrorism this writer like other victims had a life outside of that which the accused predator/stalker created when the active stalking began and then continued for years. Within this other life outside of just being a stalking victim this writer care very deeply for a man who despite his proclamations of caring and even at one point love left this writer to die in the killing fields. During the time frame from 2000 to mid 2003 the man who claimed to care for this writer, the non-stalker from Afar, appeared to wonder and in fact fret over whether or not this writer matched his minimal standard for physical attractiveness. This writer never met him face to face because as the stalking horrors unfolded this writer could not abandon the animal victims to suffer more and die more just to prove to the One from Afar that this writer was acceptable and the One from Afar claimed he was too afraid of the accused stalker to come to the State of residency where this writer resided. The end result was being brutally stalked while trying to cope with a life outside of being stalked while trying to deal with the Black Market feel that transcended from expectations, questions, pressures, hang-ups from the One from Afar. Additional explanation is offered in the Books The Visage, House of Sorrows and especially in Sweetie-Baby and Black Market. In publishing The Killing Fields this writer further will hopefully feel granted permission to throw the remaining photos of these horrors away as once published the victims’ images are less easily forgotten or made into something that never existed, swept under the proverbial rug, despite the reality of how this all did exist for so many years in the undocumented war-zone and drafted by force status that defines a good portion of what it is to be stalked.
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