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Mexico is an enchanting land full of many secrets. Some wonderful
to behold, and some best kept secret. Deep in the heart of the
Yuctan, in a steamy, forgotten jungle, lies one. In 1962, the Mexican
government conducted clandestine operations to test an herbicide designed
to compete with agent orange, the American military’s’ herbicide of choice.
It was staged over a long abandoned eco-attraction called Yucatanland. It
was a failure, in that it didn’t kill the plants, but mutated the animals. One, in
particular, rose to the top of the food chain. A horrible manifestation of the
ancient Mexican God, Quetzalcoatl.
In Southern California, a young couple named Midas and Kelly Soloman, he a
lawyer, and she a teacher, decided that they needed a vacation. Somewhere
close, not too expensive, but interesting none the less. Midas always had
an interest in history, so they decided to travel to Mexico to relax and soak
up some local culture. Little did they know, their travels would be more
adventurous than they could imagine. Join Midas and Kelly as they race for
their lives against impossible odds; the Mexican military wants to kill them,
Narcoterroristas try to kidnap them, and an incredible evil pursues them all in
its’ own backyard.
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