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Adventures of Prove Your Marriage Island

42 pages35 minutes


When love happens in the far-away future, Jason—a 50-year-old virgin—and Madison—a half-human—must win several challenges on Prove Your Marriage Island to validate that they are compatible enough to spend the rest of their lives together in holy matrimony.

Jason and Madison meet on an online dating site and decide they like each other. After a brief, illegal sexual encounter, they are summoned to Prove Your Marriage Island where they endure treacherous events in which they are challenged physically and mentally to authenticate their love for one another. They may not have started their time on the island in love, but they will learn to truly love each other by the end. Having to rely on and support one another throughout the process, they realize that they are meant to be and hope to succeed in every grueling challenge so that they can be happy together forever. After enduring physical pain and tests of emotion, their time on Prove Your Marriage Island comes to an end—and it’s a very happy ending at that.

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