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Accompany Charles as he visits contemporary, historical and, yes, story-book places. Join him as he encounters the enemy and leaves them completely disconcerted by means of his clever maneuvering techniques. He thwarts their vicious attempts, artfully outwits them, and gains International fame, too.
Be it known that the enclosed pages are designed to present you with humor and adventure—humorous adventure, if you please. This is an exciting saga of the good guys and the bad guys. Boy! How can you even think of staying home!
Thirty-year-old Charles is at home when the letter from his Uncle Charles arrives. Uncle Charles, on his death bed, in his death throes; writes a death note to nephew Charles. Its contents launch him on a life of high adventure!
Charles gains many friends in his travels and unscrupulous enemies too. You will travel from Africa across a slightly salted raging main to the Brave New World. You will find international intrigue as he stealthily steals his way through many modern-day cities of the world.
Published: Xlibris on
ISBN: 9781493106622
List price: $3.99
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