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Read about author's personal experiences with strokes and Angina attacks, and steps he took to save his life; relearned speaking, reading, writing, walking and improved his memory on his own without medical help or caregiver.

Senior Citizens will learn how to manage their own healthcare, develop their own therapies, and avoid future risk of stroke & heart disease.

Manage self healing from stroke and heart attack, and prevent future occurrences.

Seniors can minimize their dependence on caregivers and healthcare providers.

Learn about healing fast through self management and taking charge of your health and well being.

Nearly all Americans have at least partially blocked arteries which supply blood to the heart and brain. 71,000,000 Americans suffer from Cardio Vascular Disease. About 50% of the burden falls on women. More than 500,000 die of heart attack, and another 160,000 die of stroke occurrence each year.

Patients get cured of one ailment just in time to develop another. Visit the doctor only when it is absolutely necessary, and don't be overly dependant on the medical community.

Don't let a third party to experiment, make mistakes, and profit from your body.
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