How to Make Marriages Memorable
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By making our marriage memorable, we will achieve mental peace, win the love and affection of the children and other members of the family, and enjoy every minute of our existence. That is the purpose of marriage.

For many people, the purpose of this life is the fulfillment of human values. But our weakest link is often our concept of family. The in-depth study How to Make Marriages Memorable: Building Lasting, Cherished Relationships details why strong family values, commitment, and devotion to the family must be instilled early on in a marriage to strengthen family bonds.

Author MALI Krishnamurti Mahalingam reveals that the relationship between spouses must always be cautiously guarded, regularly serviced, and diligently maintained. Arrogance, impudence, irritability, intolerance, and vengeance have all contributed to the failure of the family system. A disagreement or misunderstanding in a family is a setback but with a positive side. Amicable settlement leads to the expression of greater love and improves the bonding experience, providing an opportunity to express and confirm our sincerity.

In life, our success and failure depend on how we handle each situation we face. How to Make Marriages Memorable gives us a real understanding of the importance of family values, the meaning of prayer, meditation, and simple and selfless living in achieving marital bliss.

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