What&#39s Next for the People of Earth?
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The world is struggling. Evil is on the rise. Right is becoming wrong, and wrong is becoming right. You may be asking yourself what will happen next. As things get worse, you may wonder if heaven and hell exist, and where you'll go when you die. You hear talk about the end times, but what are they, really? What are the signs that the end times are coming? Will they happen soon? And, perhaps most importantly, how can you prepare for them?

Author Phyllis Gordon explores these questions and more in What's Next for the People of Earth? The Future According to God. Divided into two parts, this study first presents the Bible's book of Revelation in a manner that makes it easier to understand. The second part offers valuable information to help students further understand Satan, God, heaven, hell, and signs of the end times. It provides a timeline so that students may better know what to expect in the coming years and guides them toward asking Jesus into their lives.

As the world faces judgments and great battles to come, What's Next for the People of Earth? takes us on a journey to discover God's message to each of us.

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