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I have always had people who knew my mother tell me that “someday
someone should write a book about that woman.” While I sometimes
had the inclination to write her story, I never seemed to find the time.
However, I was forced to have a spinal fusion and the recovery period
meant months away from my golf game. I now had the time to write my
mother’s story, which turned out to be my story as well.
Because this would be a totally new venture for me, I was looking for
help and input from many directions.
Undoubtedly, Martha, my wife, was my biggest helper and supporter.
I want to thank her for putting up with Jane and her bizarre ways all
those years. Martha also has a degree in English, which came in very
handy when editing the book.
Next I would like to acknowledge our four children, Mark, Michael,
John, and Shannon. They all had to deal with Jane. They reminded me
of some of Jane’s eccentricities which are mentioned in this book. Most
of all, I want the kids to know that I sincerely regret that Jane was not a
better Grandma to them. Grandmas are wonderful people and our kids
missed out on that joy in life.
I appreciate the input of Rosie Browning, our friend and
accomplished teacher of English, who read the first draft and made many
suggestions that I welcomed and incorporated into the book. I would also
like to thank Sandi Faber for her contribution and editing skills.
Many thanks to Dee Domingo, our neighbor and computer guru. I
could not have put this book on a flash drive without her.
I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge all of my friends who gave
me such positive encouragement. My friend Jeanie Williamson suggested
the title, and Nancy Campbell, my former secretary, shared some of her
memories with me. Every story about Jane in this book is true and is written exactly as
remembered by folks who dealt with her directly. To my brother-in-law
Jerome Carrigan, my nephew Jay Carrigan and his wife Lisa, my niece
Michele, and certainly John Nelson, I just want to say “thanks for
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