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After an illegal experiment explodes by a lightning strike in Sanders, Kansas, a pregnant woman breathes in the lethal mist that it caused and passes it to her unborn son, causing him to start rapidly growing immediately. She dies during his birth due to the size of her son in just a few hours later. The son, named Guy, survives and starts growing exponentially with heightened strength, hearing, and the ability to tap into parts of the brain that no one else can. When a doctor and his wife adopt him, they suddenly realize his illness and return him to the orphanage, where he is secretly kept in a locked room and tutored by a professional while growing up. In just two months time, he has grown to look like an 18 year old teenager. The evil mastermind of the experiment is wanting to erase any and all evidence linking him to his experiment, which he does. However, after learning that a boy was born with the serum inside him, he sends his goons out to find and kill him, along with anyone who stands in his way. Will Guy ever have a life free from pursuit? If so, will a cure ever be found to stop the rapid aging caused by the experiment?
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ISBN: 9781491709894
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