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"Why? Why was this happening to me?" Have you ever experienced loss, separation, suffering or grief? Have life events left you stressed out, bewildered and wondering what purpose trials and tests could possibly serve in your life? "CYPRESS TREE ODYSSEY-Making Sense of Trials & Tests On & Off the Golf Course" is a short, but extremely powerful allegory that follows the journey of a unique pilgrim. And while doing so, captures the imagination and lifts the spirit by showing how trials and tests shape and sculpt us; that each one has a specific purpose in our lives. Written for golfer and non-golfer, Christian and non-Christian, Odyssey is structured so that just the allegory can be read, commentary on the common ground between golf and ones' spiritual life enjoyed, uplifting scripture experienced, gratefulness to God expressed, encouragement gleaned from the "keys" or it can be read as a whole. The journey begins in the midst of a horrific thunderstorm on the pristine shores
Published: Morgan James Publishing on
ISBN: 9781600373282
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