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The Raw Meat Cat Food Cookbook
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Most modern cats are addicted to a substance that can eventually destroy every major organ of the feline body: grain-dominant cat food. This addiction can adversely affect blood sugar, urine pH, adrenal stability, digestive function, and tooth, gum and joint health, and can be a major contributor to spiraling vet bills. For six-plus decades, commercial grain-based cat food has been pushed upon the public for one main reason: corporate profit. Regrettably, it isn't just cats who are addicted; advertising has brainwashed humans into believing that feeding our obligate carnivore companions a meat-flavored, grain-based diet is the best way to show how much we care. The authors of this brief, straight-to-the-point cookbook wanted to break free and spend as many years as they could with their beloved housemates - quality time, not time spent watching them decline from commercial cat food. Now, with this step-by-step illustrated guide, you and your cat can break free, too.
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The Raw Meat Cat Food Cookbook - Holly Ollivander

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Making the Switch

Tools and Techniques

The Recipes

Treats and Supplements


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This book is dedicated to the beloved memory of

Spike Oreo Thomas.

Spikey, we wish we’d known then what we know now.


Chances are, you have picked up this book because you share your life with one or more of the marvelous, complex and emotionally rewarding entities that are cats. You wish them to experience a long and happy life with you, and you are willing to go to some effort to give them that.

If that’s the case, welcome to the Raw Meat Cat Food Cookbook!

Where We’re Coming From

In 2004, our beloved 18-month-old cat Mehetabel lost control of her bladder on our white duvet cover. It was only a small amount of urine but what we found alarming was that it was tinged pink. Over the next few years we would learn more about feline urinary-tract health but at the time the following terrifying equation was what came to mind:

urine + blood = imminent kidney failure + death of our cat

We rushed Mehetabel to the vet, who prescribed antibiotics and a urine test and