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The necessities of existence include air, food and water. Additionally, there is another indispensable essential for life. That necessity is truth. The former are essential for existence; the latter is essential for life. Existence and life are not synonymous. To have been born is to exist. You had no control over the fact of being born. Some years later you became conscious of your existence. From that moment on, you do have some control over whether you will continue merely to exist or to live. Decision is yours alone; no other person can make it for you. You must decide whether you will exist or live. How shall I know the truth concerning the difference?

Objective truth is that which is true for all people in all places at all times. It is available worldwide without regard for race, color, creed, nationality, religion, etc. It is non-prejudicial and completely unbiased. And, it is essential to bring life out of existence.

The author takes you on a journey of discovery that will lead you from mere existence to an abundant life today and forever.

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