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Have you ever wondered why some women behave in unpredictable ways as if there are no rules governing their behavior? Have you been puzzled by a sudden, seemingly illogical change in your woman’s mood? If so then this book is for you. This latest attempt at solving the eternal puzzle of understanding women is backed by twenty years of research, investigation, and in-depth analysis. We have finally cracked the eternal puzzle.

Unlike other relationship books that teach do(s) and don’t(s), this book sheds the light on the root cause of inexplicable female behavior, thus providing the reader with the tools to analyze it,  understand it and deal with it effectively.

Unfortunately, a lot of experienced men who acquired similar knowledge the hard way would not share it with the young  because they are in direct competition with them. Young people have the asset of youth, while older people have the advantage of experience. The combination of youth and experience should provide the reader with a competitive edge that each group on its own does not enjoy. Author Anastasio Nasa opens up his hands-on findings to your benefit with Commodity Women: A Daring Journey into the Mind-Set of Some Women.

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