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Leslie Kessler is an ordinary man who experienced the extraordinary hand of God in all of life?s situations. Born in Texas in 1923, he experienced firsthand the terrible difficulties suffered by America during the time of the Great Depression. He saw the entire world tremble in fear and tragedy over the course of World War II and witnessed cultural changes brought on by each passing decade.

Leslie married just after leaving high school, on the eve of World War II; he learned to become a husband and later a father. Despite these joys, however, life was never simple. There were years of great happiness, as well as periods of great despair. As a Christian, Leslie sometimes wondered if God was listening; if He was, how could He allow horrible things to happen to good people?

Now in his twilight years, Leslie looks back on the trials of a country and of his own family. He has come to realize that God was always there, especially during the tough times. Retrospection allowed Leslie to see the hand of God in all that occurred in his life. Leslie has found true friendship with Christ, and he can now say, with certainty, there is always a purpose in the pain.

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