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There are many other poker games. I could write another volume on the wild-card games alone. Basically, the play is similar to the popular games so far discussed. Any good player will soon figure a new game to his advantage.

Never get into a game that is new to you and play for high stakes. You could lose a fortune until you have the game analyzed.

My greatest single contribution to your success as a poker player is the advice and knowledge about chicanery in a large majority of poker games. This was not written in this way to make a story. It is a fact.

After many and varied associations with hustlers, both profitable and otherwise, I have formed an unshakable opinion--99 percent are the dregs of humanity. They would steal or cheat their own mothers. Honor and principle are words that have no meaning to them. Of all associations, only two ever proved trustworthy. These two are my friends to this day. And I am a friend of theirs. Anything I have, they can have. They are the same with me. The others, they would borrow money, never intending to pay back. They may hide the money that was to be split then claim we never won that amount. Many a good-paying partnership was broken off by me for these reasons. The greedy hustlers lost more by being left out of the action than was ever gained by chiseling me. If ever a hustling operation is exposed, you may bet your family jewels some jealous hustler has a finger of suspicion on it. Consequently, by my exposing the many and varied means of bilking the public, I do not believe I am doing harm to any deserving segment of society. This is my way of relieving my conscience for taking advantage of the very few of you who deserve sympathy.

Perhaps, in some measure, I can return your losses by passing on the kind of information that will save or make money for you in the future. After all, if you are equally informed, who has the advantage?
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