The Chronicles of Mathew
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There’s nothing noticeably remarkable about Mathew Clarunde, an ordinary high school student, until a fateful day early one November. On an annual school skiing trip, Mathew sets out on a frantic search for a missing friend on the slopes of a snowy mountainside. Little did he know that those icy slopes would become a resting place for his humanity and the beginning of his adventures as an immortal Elemental. With his humanity stolen, Mathew embarks on the journey of his new lifetime to become the extraordinary person he was created to be. As he walks the path set before him, Mathew overcomes the human frailties that plagued him during his Human life. In this new world, Mathew becomes a controversial figure at the center of political unrest and encounters assassination attempts, murder, mystery and mayhem. Other-worldly adventures abound as he strives to bridge the gap between the immortal races and experiences true friendship, loyalty and love with an uncommon fearlessness.
Cover art credit goes to - Mark Kosovich of Kozdesign Check out his website:
Object art done by Meghan Rafferty, take a peek at her work:
Character art was done by Juran Bly

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ISBN: 9781450289481
List price: $3.99
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