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Mark McKay’s Life seemed unremarkable.

That was until he hit his teenage years. At fourteen years old his massive penis plunged scrotum deep into its first sexual encounter. He didn’t ask for that to happen, the girl next door, Molly Summers insisted on it. What boy at his age would say no? Little did he know this would trigger a curse bestowed on his family in the late Middle Ages. The raw ecstasy he experienced and flood of emotions it brought, would lay the foundation for an unquenchable lust for sex. This thirst for instant gratification grew when he met a woman. Mrs. Case his art teacher decided to take him under her wing, and teach Mark many aspects of BDSM. When she had her fill of him, she cut off all ties. Left alone with a vivid imagination and a twisted lust for pleasure and pain and urged on by a voice that only he could hear, his frustrations turned to rage. Driven over the edge by his maddening lust and dissatisfaction, he loses all traces of morality. His demented psyche then compels him to enact unimaginable and heinous sex acts. Investigator John Martinez is then left to piece together the gruesome murders. Will Martinez uncover this mystery before the next victim has been chosen?
Published: Xlibris on
ISBN: 9781453505397
List price: $9.99
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