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The Blender GameKit, 2nd Edition
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Blender is the first of the 3D packages to integrate a game engine as well as tools for editing game-logic and creating interactive animation. This book is the ultimate guide for artists interested in exploring this part of Blender.

This fully revised and updated second edition has been written with Blender 2.48, and covers all improvements for game creation thanks to the Open Game Yo Frankie! project.

The Blender GameKit, 2nd Edition starts with an extensive section for people who are new to 3D—explaining all basic concepts—or new to Blender; with a full introduction to the interface. Then it shows in step-by-step tutorials the fun of creating models, adding motion to them, and how to turn them into simple games. Experienced 3D artists will appreciate the more complex game demos, the character animation tutorials, the introduction to Python, a tutorial with the Frankie character, and the advanced reference section.

The CDROM contains several playable and editable Blender game demos, created by renowned artists from the Blender community. It also contains all the files needed for the tutorials and Blender V2.48, for all platforms.

Produced By The Blender Foundation. Printed And Distributed By No Starch Press.

The Blender GameKit, 2nd Edition was produced by the Blender Foundation, not only to help users unleash their 3D game creation powers, but to support open source projects to further improve Blender. Editor Carsten Wartmann is a 3D designer and author, renowned as the author of many Blender books.
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The Blender GameKit, 2nd Edition - Carsten Wartmann

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