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Labor Pains: The Birth Stories of Nurse O'Neill

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Anyone who has ever worked in a hospital or has been a patient knows that a doctor admits you to the hospital, but it’s the nurses that make sure you get to go home. Now more than ever, the world needs a story that awakens people to the heroic powers of the nursing profession: courage, compassion and hope. Labor Pains, the story of an RN on the hero’s journey, is a life-changing read that is long overdue. Nurses work hard to protect their patients; yet most people have no idea of what a nurse really does to keep them alive, until they need one.Labor Pains offers an inside peek into the everyday challenges nurses must face to give safe care that not only heals the body, but soothes the mind as well as the spirit. This unique view into the many facets of recovery from physical and emotional diseases, will resonate with nurses and patients alike.

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