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US Policy toward Syria 1936–1949
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Focused on the United States to the ongoing negotiations between France and Syria on the signing of the treaty French Syrian in 1936 on the independence of Syria, the United States is aware that Syria's strategic importance, as the pipeline transportation of oil from Iraq to the Mediterranean, passing through its territory, as well asthat the United States following the developments taking place in Syria, as it came to their interests.

the announced Cathero High Commissioner, the French and the Commander in Chief in the East representative of the Government of FranceFree independence of Syria in the 27 \ September \ 1941 when Sheikh Taj al-Din al-Husseini Presidency of the Republic, and the United States issued on 29 \ November \ 1941 statement confirmed the sympathy with the aspirations of the natural and legitimate for Syria

The approach of U.S. policy toward Syria over the past 1943-1945 and carried out by France acts of abuse and bombing and tied inhumane with the population, and the rejection of the French policy of this and discuss the developments in Syria, independence and participation in the UN within the framework of the decisions in the context of international interests and international competition.

Syria Station attention by decision-makers in the United States for its strategic location and the passage of pipelines transporting oil, and followed up minutes of the ongoing developments in which a researcher for securing their own interests and the interests of its citizens and its institutions and cultural missionary and archaeological,
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