The Captive Saga
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Tragedy, blame, and guilt have hovered over Aubrey
for a long time. Cleaving to God, the strength of her
family, and her love for Breu seems to be what has
helped her get through.
Rose Bennett is plotting something for Breu and Aubrey.
Her evil intentions have not deterred Ethan and Tonya’s
secret relationship, but will Rose go so far as t o do
something that shocks the entire town?
Contemplating leaving, death strikes again, and Abigail
is faced with a new stranger she didn’t even know existed.
Will this fi nally be her breaking point? Will she ever get
through these captivities? Will she ever learn to trust this
new stranger that causes the biggest disruption in her life?
Will the gold become a blessing, or a curse in the end?
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ISBN: 9781493104680
List price: $3.99
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