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Thousands of new immigrants from non-English speaking countries are moving to North America almost every week. After reaching here, they face several problems due to lack of knowledge of English. This book has been prepared for those people who want to learn English properly and assimilate into North American culture and society. This book has been written to help new comers in many ways. This book first teaches the readers the basic grammar in a very simple and interesting way. A new chart for learning simple tenses is the research of Prof. Avtar S Virdi, the author of this book, which has made English pretty easy for learners and thousands of learners attest that this chart had been a big help for them. There are several hundreds of question-answers for preparing for various interviews and personality development. Besides this, readers can learn how to tell their daily routines, give road-directions to someone and communicate with doctors, nurses, and tradesmen. There are five IELTS speaking modules explained for IELTS students. Those who want to prepare for Canadian or the U.S. citizenship tests can get great help from this book. That’s why this is book is very rightly titled “Marvelous English Multi-purpose Guide”.
Prof. Virdi who is the director of GTP Marvelous College, Surrey, BC, Canada, has also written “Marvelous English Grammar” and “Marvelous English Essays”, and he claims if any one shows and proves any books better and helpful than his books he would award him or her $ 10,000. What a confidence! Wouldn’t you try to accept his challenge and read his books? Either you learn great things or you can win this grand award. You will be in win-win situation.
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