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This is a true story, my story. At the age of nine with my father's sudden death questions about life arose. Faced with life without a male figure, I began a lifelong journey to meet a man that could fulfill my needs, but it turns out life has a few surprises a young girl like myself never saw coming. Failed marriages are followed by angry husbands and situations that lead me to the principle of backup. You'll see what I mean. As one thing leads to another, as I pass through a first marriage that nearly takes my life, as well as almost all my money, it ends with a bang...literally. Moving on to marrying an older man, the very qualities that I come to admire about him turn out to be the ones that he uses against me to my peril, and my son gets torn in the middle of the situaition when my second husband's meddlesome sister causes my son to lose everything and spin completely out of control. This leads him onto the bad side of the legal system. There's a happy ending, but wait and see what I, my son, and a skilled legal team must do to right the wrong and bring him full circle to where he has no record and is whole again.
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ISBN: 9781483508764
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