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InnerResources 8 Ideas is "A Map, Exercises, and a Promise to Point You In the Right Direction. The 8 Ideas are focus points of the mind, and a guide for those who notice that they've "been here before" and want to experience choice and move on with their lives. The Poems edition communicates one version of the InnerRESOURCES 8 Ideas.

The Poems are organized under several categories, Freedom To Talk; Memory; Ecosystem; and under the 8 Ideas, The Compulsion To Repeat The Past:How Did I Get Here Again?; Is There A Right Person?; In A Relationship But Still Alone?; What Is Me And What Is Not Me; Breaking Destructive Patterns; Alcoholism and the Addictions versus True Needs; When To Stay And When To Get Out; Self Actualization -Eat or Be Eaten: Is That All There Is?
Published: Jeff Landau, Ph.D. on
ISBN: 9780972838900
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