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BJ Vavasseur shares openly her many challenges in life while
infusing hope to the reader, encouraging them of what can happen when you, “Hold On & Believe.”
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Hold On & Believe - BJ Vavasseur

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Chapter One

Mourning Doves

(God's Unfailing Love)

One afternoon while out in the yard with my children, we found a baby mourning dove flopping around on the ground. The children immediately wanted to help the small creature. They ran inside and got a shoe box and we picked up the little bird and put in the box, a long with some grass to make it more comfortable. I told my children that the bird most likely would not live through the night but we would make it as comfortable as possible, in its last hours. But to my surprise the next morning the little bird looked just as healthy as could be. It was hopping all around the box and flapping its wings. The kids were so excited.

Since the little bird was still alive, I decided the kids and I would teach it how to fly. We went out in the front yard, took the little bird and tossed it lightly in the air. The little thing would flap its wings and flutter to the ground. Each time as we did this the bird would stay up in the air just a little bit longer. As we did this over and over I noticed what

I assumed was the mother bird flying around us very agitated. She would fly from the power line to the fence just a squawking. The baby bird made noises back. I told my kids, Look I think that's the mama bird and I think she wants her baby back. So I gathered the children and went into the house to watch from afar. Sure enough, as soon as the mama bird was sure we were out of sight, she flew down to her baby. After what seemed like forever, the mama bird was able to get that little bird to fly to the fence. Once they got to the fence they hopped from the fence to the branches of the tree and up to the nest. The kids had long since lost interest but I sat in total amazement. I didn't know that a mama bird would still want its young after being touched by a human. But the amazement didn't stop there.

I watched as the baby got into the nest another mourning dove flew and joined the mama and the baby. I couldn't believe it. I was watching a family reunion. Then with tears streaming down my face I watched the mother and father doves spread out their wings and cover the baby bird. The lord spoke to me that day. He showed me what real love is like. Those birds didn't care where the little one had been. They were only glad it was safe back in the nest. God does the very same thing for us. When we were lost he came and found us. He sought us out. Then he carefully and patiently helped us back into the nest and then he covered us with his wings.

If God's creation can love one of it's own like that, how much more does God love us? The thought is infinite. There is no way to fathom how much he loves and cares for us. I know you say well how can a God of love allow the horrible things that happen in our life to take place? If you are waiting for some great revelation I don't have one. But I do know this, For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. (John 3:16 KJV)

I have experienced God's love and mercy. When God created man he gave us a free will. He didn't make a bunch of robots; he gave us the gift of freethinking. With that ability to think for ourselves he set down rules just like we set down rules for our children. Even though the rules are there our children don't always abide by them. Some children seek out ways to break the rules. God knew this would happen so he gave us a way of salvation. He gave us his son. In our households our children need only to ask forgiveness and we forgive them and they have a clean slate.They may go back and commit the same offense but when repentance is there as a parent we forgive. God was our example in that. We may sin over and over but each time we come to him he forgives us because he loves