The Light of Roses
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Do you have "memories" not of this life and time? Have you ever experienced a déjà vu? Does the idea of reincarnation fascinate you? Have you ever wondered if this is all there is?

“If you are a spiritual seeker, if you are on a journey of self-discovery, if you are aware of the speed at which life is moving, if you are learning to listen and heed your intuition, if you have experienced the synchronicity of life, if you are learning to love unconditionally, if you long for ‘Home’…
“If you suffer from anxiety, phobias, or emotional blocks, if you have ever felt disempowered, if you want to know more about the karmic residue of the past, the Higher Self, the Inner Guide, the Soul’s purpose, if you want to gain insight through the shared stories of others on their journey back to Oneness, if you have ever felt spiritually isolated and alone…you will find resonance here…insight…perhaps answers.”
— from the Introduction

The Light of Roses is an exploration of past-life regression as a form of healing, witnessed through fascinating case studies and the author's own spiritual journey.
Published: Xlibris on
ISBN: 9781477181768
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