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Hi there,
Thanks for looking in, you’d be surprised how lonely it gets when old friends don’t call to see how I’m doing or drop in for a chat and new friends are so hard to find. I have so much to say but hates talking to myself and I’m hoping we’ll become good friends, sharing all the pleasures of a wonderful friendship… Let me introduce myself and tell you a little about L. A. Parchment, where I’ve been, what I’ve done, and what I’d like to do next, and that is simply to become your friend.
Let’s start by breaking down a few barriers, using first names like friends do. Mine is Laughton…. Pronounced, (Lawton)….. Ah!-- Wish I knew yours, but I’m not worried about that, you can tell me when we meet.
I was born in a little Town called Morant Bay, in the Parish of St. Thomas in Eastern Jamaica… Let’s just say more than many years ago.
As far back as I can recall I’ve been fascinated with books and had dreams of writing stories that would excite and entertain, but didn’t know how and wasn’t brave enough to share those tenuous efforts, afraid to let anyone know what I was doing
I would frequently sit on the beach looking out to sea, watching ships going by in the distance, dreaming of traveling to England while making up stories of this enticing and mysterious land I’d learned so much about in school, hoping one day I’d be on one of those ships heading for England.
When I eventually got to England I did various jobs but down in the roots of my soul where dreams are given life, and are born and often dies, I had wanted to be a singer since the first time I heard Nat King Cole singing. I would dream of being a singer and a writer. Trying to sing like the man while digging out this book I knew was sitting somewhere inside me but couldn’t get it out. I didn’t know how to write and wasn’t too good at singing, but I learned to sing, then drifted into furniture design and manufacture, and also found time to do voice over for B.B.C Radio WM in Birmingham. At the same time fighting with this book now haunting my days with discarded pages being burned in the fireplace, or torn in small pieces and dumped in garbage bins along the street, to avoid anyone finding out I was trying to write a book on the back of unpaid bills and any scrap of paper I could find.

These days I’m more confident, I’ve learned not to be afraid and that writing in my spare time wasn’t good enough. I began writing longer hours, and when the days weren’t long enough I would steal from the night, sitting there with pen to paper with the words simply flowing on to the page. Not one but five books, all written in England.
My wife and I moved to the United States in 2006 and are now living in Florida.

Now that we’re friends let’s talk freely. It can be done and you can do it. Whatever you are trying to do you can do it. There is a way and you will find it…Failure is simply the name of a place along that long road to success and you do not stop at failure, because it’s a myth a mirage, existing only in the minds of those who gave up too soon.
I needed to get it wrong before getting it right. It made me a better man, more prepared and getting it wrong didn’t hurt so much anymore. It made me appreciate the difficulties and I no longer expect it to be easy. Don’t be afraid of getting it wrong, or the many times you do….It’s the one time you get it right that brings home the prize.

Now let’s talk about The Night Hawker…An erotically charged novel you will certainly need to put down, to stop your system overheating and your emotions burning up.

John Squires, is nineteen years old and crazy about girls, where to find, and get them into his bed the same night. Then he meets Rhona, a pretty black girl and three weeks later takes her home to meet his family just to get her into bed. Rhona becomes pregnant but John’s father is bitterly against him marrying
Published: Xlibris on
ISBN: 9781493117307
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