Sarah and the Red Scarf
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The story coincides with the time and place of the first Christmas. Sarah has lost her lamb while her father, Jacob, is studying the arch of the sun to confirm the winter equinox and inaugurate the celebration of light to follow. Sarah, distracted by her father’s study of the heavens as well as her lost lamb, is late for the children’s candlelight practice and is barred by Hezekiah from participating in the biggest celebration of the year. Forlorn and with no use for her lantern, she lends it to three kings in need of a guiding light for the balance of their journey. When they return with her lantern weeks later, Sarah’s lamb follows them back to Sarah. The wayward lamb has been guided by the same star that guided the kings to the stable in Bethlehem. As the kings acknowledge Sarah’s act of kindness, Hezekiah is remorseful and, although not relenting on Sarah’s expulsion from the children’s pageant, offers Sarah her own more prestigious role as queen of light.
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