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Sugarfriends ~ Lend A Helping Hand
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Have you ever noticed children playing with the sugar packets on the tables of restaurants and coffee shops? Maybe you’ve even seen them talking to them. Have you ever wondered why? It may surprise you to find out that a secret exists just beyond that little container of sugar packets. Or maybe that’s old news to you—it could be that you’ve already met the Sugarfriends, a group of adventurers who venture out to help kids in need. Only visible to children, the Sugarfriends usually appear when they are needed most. In SUGARFRIENDS ~ LEND A HELPING HAND, the Sugarfriends meet Max, a lonely little boy in a small café, eating while his dad works. Max could sure use a friend (...or seven). Just when you thought the story couldn't get any sweeter... the Sugarfriends arrive.
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Sugarfriends ~ Lend A Helping Hand - Todd W. Makeever

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