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Lucy Messenger is sent to live deep in the countryside, to the small town of Glastonbury, where she befriends Moyles Bear, from the seventy-second dimension. He arrives, at the laundrette with their letters of invite, to Padlight School of Universal Magic in the Star system of Pleiades.
Lucy finds she has been chosen to play the Dream Time competition. and roams across space, through the Helter-skelter. She faces the deadly Ancient Reptilian Master. Lucy learns of the Big Jump of our planet Earth along with our sun and our entire galaxy to the fifth dimension and how all her new friends at school have been ready for some time on their planets.
The fight is on, to wake up Earth Humans, with her new friends at Padlight, and, her friends from Glastonbury on Earth, to start the preparations for the Big Jump ... Or is their fate to be left behind in darkness?
Lucy Messenger is helped by her two best friends, Ian McGill from the planet Barkus in the star system of Sirius, and Moyles Bear. Book two in the Lucy Messenger series, ‘Lucy Messenger and the Journey to the Center of the Earth’ of this magical adventure is also completed.
BUT, there are many, not only here on Earth, but across our galaxy, that are looking out for their own best interests. They want our world to remain sleepy, and, so left behind. The darkness is creeping in, and the time is short. Who is the real enemy? Who wants to stop Lucy forever? Have we left it too late, to join the rest of our galaxy? Will we wake up in time? Will our preparations be too feeble to be ready? Will the Light go out on Earth?
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ISBN: 9781468940312
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