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‘From Pillar To Post’ takes a look at the restlessness of humans in vulnerable situations, especially in intimate relationships that become very traumatic. ‘From Pillar To Post’ takes the reader through the lives of two very close friends, Donna and David, their individual relationships with their current married, lifelong partners, their continuous affection for each other and eventually their lasting bond between them.
Sometimes we ´move on´ or ‘change’ what we think is the best way for our lives and end up worst off than before. We mentally and in some instances, actually create a plan with specific activities that are supposed to fix the many so-called problems we encounter. We never stop to breathe, feel the presence of the Divine or even think things through before acting on our impulses, letting go of the emotions that are so often present with the given situation.
Outside influences tested Donna and David’s affection for each other, which unfolded a series of events that devastated them, only to realize that they needed to breathe, think and feel the presence of the ‘Divine’ working within them to achieve their goal. Something they totally neglected.
We tend to always look for better when sometimes best is what we already have. Who´s to say that we already have the best? Everything we don´t have always seems greener on the other side. But is it really?
The most tragic of all is when we are in a relationship and the pressure is on. We ask ourselves many questions and answer them ourselves especially when we are hot-tempered. Actually, these are the times we ought not to, but we do anyway.
Relationships are fragile connections of emotions, chemistry, passion, intellect, stimulation, eroticism, and attitude and to a large extent lust. Of course this is strictly from a secular perspective. When we explore our hearts truthfully we will find that there are lots more to it.
Relationships though intangible have many tangible aspects that should be exercised for proper natural development. From a spiritual perspective, relationships are much more important and should be guarded closely as the key to understanding ourselves first, then our neighbor and most importantly the Divine.
This fragile connection doesn´t really exist since an understanding between two persons has been established and therefore will grow and develop into a stronger bond.
‘From Pillar To Post’ is basically about relationships and the events that unfold surrounding the individuals involved. It deals with abuse, rape, dishonesty, distrust, adultery and many more unpleasant incidents that are possible in failing relationships. It is the recollection of broken marriages and the repercussions of the people associated with Donna and David as it was revealed to me in eleven weeks and a day.
The story unfolds during an eleven-week period. Donna wants to end a marriage of abuse, a marriage from a man who constantly raped her. He was of the opinion that husbands cannot rape their wives because they are supposed to be submissive. He says, in accordance with the Bible, they are supposed to honor their husbands. Donna was initially willing to have sex with her husband because she believes in “to keep him, do him!” but it all backfires when one day, soon after he had sex with her, he wanted to have her again. His adrenalin was on and she was all worn out. He, nevertheless, took her again in addition to buggering her leaving her not only physically disfigured but a psychologically scar as well. That day was enough to end the abuses that plagued her married life and she immediately decided to call her best and closest friend David to get her out it. She eventually divorced her husband
David, willing to make the best of his marriage was shocked when he caught his beautiful and very powerful wife having sexual intercourse with another woman. His life came toppling down as he saw the deceit and unnecessary lies that were lai
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