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Get the Skinny on Prosperity

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After a 17 year relationship with a former employer ended, author Duke Clarke sat alone on the living room floor with no furniture wondering what was ahead. He was 39 years old with a wife and three young children. He had about $1,000 dollars in the bank and a 10-year-old car. His rent was $1,300 a month at the time, so he figured they were about three weeks from being homeless. "In case you haven't checked lately, there aren't many jobs for ex-ministers whose church no longer wants them," Clarke says. This started Clarke's quest to find out what true prosperity was all about. Now, almost 20 years later, his personal income is 10 times what it was when he was left sitting on that living room floor and it continues to grow each year. None of this happened over night. But now he can clearly see the way to prosperity and he is able to share the fast track with you. "I want you to learn how to build your own financial success with laws that God has instituted for all people to use." Get the Skinny on Prosperity starts your journey today.

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