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This book is about Pastors all over the world how they have falling doing the duty behind the pulpit and the things I went through, did as a pastor putting on and taking off the wrong doing behind the pulpit. You will see the wrong doing with money and blessing in the church today. We will also see how a man or women of God is called from birth by God, how much they go through as a child before they ever get behind the pulpit, how manipulative people are, people are being used because of low self-esteem in the church. This book will really enlighten you how to be blessed in your life. I know you have been told that you can't judge anyone but this book will show you that you can judge, we will see the real power of God in this book, also we'll find out how to know when we are out of God will how things will happen to us in our life to help us get back in his will. This book will also show us how the power of the devil is real; the devil will make himself known unto you in your life. This book is for real and true about the knowledge of the church world today and how to recognize the true evil in the church today the lust, lies sexual sons, in the church world and how the church is hiding this behavior and people can't discern it well this book will help you open your eyes and understanding and any questions about the church world today.
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