The Patmos Paradigm
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One hundred billion years in the future, another empire discovers the Patmos, which is the complete history of humanity, good and bad. Upon the private viewing, the resident gods declare it too dangerous. The Patmos has within it material that, when viewed, could release the Knowledge of Evil, a concept that could, like a virus, destroy their universe. Likewise, this small Patmos ball is composed of complete atoms, as they could destroy millions of stars. Their governing council sends the Patmos through a series of wormholes to other dimensions. They also call back all their giant space worlds, as ships are a far-distant memory, if another Patmos was somehow dispatched. Life in the Patmos witnessed the chosen earthlings and viewed the earth as it passed through the Great Tribulation, where humanity is rendered extinct. They survived World War III in which the Eagle, Dragon, and Bear die, allowing a silent monster to recreate an old empire and rule the world. He begins his genocide, sparing Israel, which he gives a nice new temple, only to betray them. His empire suffers through twenty-one judgments, which leaves those with his mark doomed as he loses both the physical and spiritual last war and gets a kick from the archangel Michael for the bottomless pit, as the journey for the victors is only beginning.
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ISBN: 9781490718231
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