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The World is undergoing crises of faith in God and peace on earth. These crises are threatening the roots of world civilization. We are indeed at war with the only enemy of God and Man, Satan itself which instigates these crises . The ongoing wars in Syria, Egypt and most Islamic and Communist nations show that leaders like Syria’s President Assad, like Hitler, are clearly influenced by Satan.
To address these crises , Pope Francis called on the world to devote Saturday 7, 2013 to Prayer and Fasting for enhancement in the levels of World Peace and Faith . He also called on the Laity in the Church to carry the message of The New Evangelization to the Secular world that cannot be reached through Church teaching .
Through these Books , the Author responds to the Pope’s call . His goal is to remind the world of today that its main enemy is Satan , the Devil who is the Master of Lies, Deceptions and Anti-Christ. We can stop blaming and fighting only our neighbors for our wars and crises. The world seems to be forgetting that God commands us to love our neighbors including those we view as our enemies. Satan is the main enemy to blame and fight because it is the only enemy of God and Man whose mission on earth is to tempt us to abandon our faith , love , obedience and service to God and our neighbors .
We seem to be forgetting also that Christ established the Pillars of modern civilization , justice, peace, happiness and Good Governance which we enjoy today. His Church had been spreading these Pillars across world history.
Through debates with Atheists and other non-believers at secular platforms and language, the Author reminds the world of these facts of its history and calls them back to the roots of its civilization . He reminds them that Satan tempts us to disobey God and follow its evil ways as many people are doing. Today we see many people driving God out of their lives and secular governance.
Finally, the Author reminds the world that Christ promised Eternal Life in heaven for those who follow Him and eternal suffering in hell for those who follow the enemy. Christ had promised these will happen at His End Time Judgment.
It is therefore appropriate that the world be reminded in “This Year of Faith” that God’s commandments extend to both our religious and secular lives and Governance. So, as we promise at Baptism , let’s reject Satan and all its Lies, Deceptions and False Promises and stop its temptation to drive God out of our lives and governance .
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