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This novel is about a young Zimbabwean woman or girl, who, together with her sister, becomes refugee in South Africa just four years before the start of 2010 Soccer World Cup. Her family’s background, from as early as 1958 when his father was born, is making a huge influence in her life and the way she relates to her sister. Because of the sad and difficult upbringing of both her parents, she takes a vow to protect her sister with her own life if need be. Her sister, who is not only multitalented, fine, young, and amazing person with a personality close that of an angel but an albino as well, is the only thing she is prepared to live and die for.

After convincing her father to allow her to come to South Africa with her little sister with the intention of saving her little sister from the bound marriage in which four other women were already involved, like many people in the neighbouring countries of South Africa, they cannot find what they expect from a country, which is blessed with an opportunity to host the most prestigious tournament on earth.

Ultimately, instead of protecting her sister, she, unfortunately, turns to have a hand in her sister’s death. After burying her sister without the knowledge of her parents in Zimbabwe, she decides to hide herself in South Africa from her parents, her fiancé, and goes to look for the love of her life while she is three months pregnant. With the help of her lost love who could not bear her children because of the injury he sustained during circumcision, she returns home, together with her newborn twins, to Zimbabwe to reconcile with her parents and to ask for their forgiveness.
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