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Great-grandmother Jacqueline Carmicheal, doyen of the South African hauteur courtier industry and the immensely powerful matriarch of the Carmichael clan is extremely worried as she realizes that the deep yet at times fragile bond that is holding her beloved family together is being threatened as one family secret after the other is exposed through circumstances beyond her control. The very exposure will not only threaten the emotional stability of her family but the repercussions could also result in unbearable hurt as well as having major financial implications. Over the last six and a half decades Jacqui’s acute business acumen and advice has helped build and develop her family’s business’s allowing her children and grandchildren to become the country’s most powerful and wealthy families. As one situation after the other occurs it is only her uncanny ability to anticipate emotional as well as financial affairs that saves her family from ruin.

Great-grandmother Gillianne von Buddenbrock who with her son Julian is part owner of a huge holiday resort at Loskop Dam is also the sole owner of three enormous sheep farms in the Karoo. She has an exceptionally volatile nature and has ruled her family with an iron rod. Julianne is a millionairess whose fortune equals that of Jacqui. There is constant bitchiness between the two grandmothers that no one can understand; will anyone ever discover the secret that binds these two powerful matriarchs together?
Their beautiful, vibrant, fiery tempered granddaughter Denya with her magnificent emerald eyes and shimmering mane of curly coppery red hair, a legacy from Julianne her once titian-headed paternal grandmother, is born with a silver spoon in her mouth. Her redheaded father Julian von Buddenbrock an architect and property developer is one of the wealthiest men in South Africa. Denya is totally unconventional and free spirited like her mother Beth and maternal grandmother Jacqui and weathers major scandal and controversy when at the age of eighteen she gives birth to her illegitimate redheaded twins Julian and Ursula. She astounds even the skeptics when she graduates from university at the age of twenty-one, cum laude and then makes her own personal fortune by the age of twenty-four only to discover that she has inherited a multi million Rand trust fund on her twenty-fifth birthday, which makes her the wealthiest single woman in South Africa. This causes untold heartache in her six-month old marriage to Ryan Rossini the father of her twins and for many more years to come. For the next sixteen years as her estranged husband spends most of his time in England and on the continent she lives life very much as she pleases, on her own and on her own terms. Through hard work and determination she continues to build her company and is recognized as one of the countries foremost and innovative fashion designers. She has inherited her incredible creative ability in designer fashion from Grandmother Jacqui.

Although Denya is not idyllically happy, her life is content and fulfilling and the twins are now young adults. One morning a dark-headed stranger walks into her offices and within weeks her world is emotionally turned upside down. Will Denya’s own secret have major repercussions and does she have the inner strength to survive her illness? Then the hysterectomy and death of her unborn baby followed by the devastatingly emotional loss of Wayne whom she loves more than life itself almost destroys her. Can she survive the financial loss in her company? Jacqui’s death is imminent but will Denya pull through the unexpected illness and death of Eugene her childhood friend and second husband whose love for her has been strong enough to pull her through so many of her darkest days and so much unbearable heartache?
Her mother Beth comes to her aid in the most unexpected way and slowly she embarks on a new and rewarding career. Love does take a surprising turn!

Blonde and Nordic
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