Science fiction enthusiasts and adventure books fanatics are in for an innovative and thought-provoking read as author Claude Joseph presents Cape Paterson.

Cape Paterson follows Jessica Trellis, the daughter of a palaeontologist, who, while helping her father dig for dinosaur fossils at Cape Paterson, uncovers an alien knowledge tablet in the Cretaceous layer buried for one hundred million years. With this discovery, she builds an alien-designed star ship, and later the same technology is used for missions to Mars and beyond the solar system. For some mysterious reasons, the star from which the aliens come from has drifted closer to Earth since one hundred million years ago. With her friend Wilson, Jessica is determined to find out why and what became of the aliens. More exciting surprises await everyone as the whole story unfolds.

It is partly set in the fossil sites and farmland near Inverloch, Victoria both in the prehistoric past and in the future. At various times the following things descend on Cape Paterson – dinosaurs, aliens, robots, palaeontologists, developers and enemy agents. Jessica Trellis has to deal with everything from the Bass Coast Shire Council to an annoying classmate Megan Swan. Through all the zany situations that arise, Jessica ends up embarking on a galactic journey of discovery and excitement.

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ISBN: 9781453594735
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