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Over five decades of our experiences are covered in this book, beginning with our college days and progressing to the present time. As my wife Carolyn and I experienced parallel spiritual journeys in the Christian faith, we were led into some unusual and even bizarre situations. Our primary preparation for these situations was simply on-the-job training. Some of the accounts here are funny, others serious. Some are both funny and serious. In addition to ministry narratives, Against All Odds also chronicles sports and construction stories. A sample from the story “A Late Night Visitor” follows:

“ Carolyn and I were asleep in separate beds, with my bed closer to the hallway door. The woman climbed the stairs, opened our door and jumped into bed with me. This was a beautiful woman, who was a fashion model in Atlanta. Carolyn later claimed that I had my arm around her and seemed to be enjoying myself. When Carolyn woke up and observed the beautiful woman in bed with me, with one giant leap, she joined us in my single bed. Now there were three in the bed and that was too many. I quickly got out of the bed and wondered what to do next.”

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ISBN: 9781468569469
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