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Fix Your Body, Fix Your Swing: The Revolutionary Biomechanics Workout Program Used by Tour Pros

Fix Your Body, Fix Your Swing: The Revolutionary Biomechanics Workout Program Used by Tour Pros

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Fix Your Body, Fix Your Swing: The Revolutionary Biomechanics Workout Program Used by Tour Pros

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Jan 19, 2010


It's time you had a smooth, fluid swing like PGA Tour pros

Golf tips and swing advice can only take you so far. In order to truly correct a flawed swing, the causes of the problems must be treated, not the symptoms. A bad swing doesn't always mean that you're doing things wrong---it's just that your body isn't letting you do things right. By understanding and changing your body you'll be able to correct your mechanics naturally so you can take your game to the next level.

With the exact workouts used by some of the Tour's best golfers, as well as input and advice straight from the players themselves, this revolutionary golf-fitness book incorporates the latest in biomechanics research to fix swing flaws while strengthening the body's core and improving strength and balance to help golfers of all levels swing more like the pros.

Beginning with assessments that determine where a golfer's body is too tight, not strong enough or out of balance, Fix Your Body, Fix Your Swing then provides specific, easy-to-follow exercises that correct whatever problems or limitations were revealed in the assessments. Just three twenty-minute workout sessions a week (only one hour a week!) will help anyone become a better golfer with a healthier, stronger body.

Jan 19, 2010

About the author

JOEY "COACH JOEY D" DIOVISALVI is a golf-specific biomechanics expert with over 15 years experience working with PGA Tour Players, including Rickie Fowler, Keegan Bradley, Dustin Johnson, Vijay Singh, Freddy Jacoboson, Ryuji Imada, and Pat Perez. He worked with Vijay Singh for seven years, helping him to become the number one golfer in the world. Joey teaches at the Joey D Golf Performance Center in Jupiter, FL, and works on the PGA Tour with Keegan Bradley and Dustin Johnson. He also lives in Jupiter, FL.

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Book Preview

Fix Your Body, Fix Your Swing - Joey Diovisalvi


At last count, approximately 20 billion different golf books were out there. That’s right: there are roughly three books about golf for every man, woman, and child on the planet Earth.

As people, do we really need number 20 billion and one?

I think so—and in about four paragraphs, so will you.

Typical golf training is like the medical industry in this country—we tend to treat symptoms rather than causes. You go to the doctor because you’re having trouble sleeping and he gives you a prescription. A month later, you find yourself up all night again and he writes you another prescription. Two months later, you’re staring at the ceiling at three in the morning and—surprise—you get another prescription. On the golf course, you take the perfect swing that you’ve put together after reading book after book and magazine article after magazine article, and you still find yourself slicing the ball or lacking power. So, what do you do? You adjust your stance and foot position to take the slice into account, you wrench your shoulders back a few extra—and painful—degrees in an attempt to get more speed in your swing, and you go out and drop $400 on the latest and fanciest driver. Are your drives any more accurate or powerful? Probably not. If anything, they’re less consistent than they’ve ever been—and you’re out a few hundred bucks to boot.

To really get rid of your insomnia and to really correct your swing, you have to treat the causes of the problems—not the symptoms. I can’t help you sleep any better at night, but I can help your golf game. (And, hey, that might end up helping you sleep better at night.)

As one of the top golf biomechanics coaches in the country, I’ve worked with everyone from weekend warriors to the top-rated player in the world. (I was part of the team that helped Vijay Singh make it to number one in the world in 2004.) I’m on the road forty weeks a year with my players and have spent—literally—tens of thousands of hours watching and analyzing and correcting swings. Whether you play the game once a month or every day, the same truths apply. You have to fix your body before you can fix your swing.

You need to treat the causes of the problem, not the symptoms.

A lot of the time a bad swing doesn’t mean that you’re doing things wrong—it’s just that your body isn’t letting you do things right. You may know exactly what you should be doing, but if your body won’t cooperate, that perfect swing can never happen. You might as well try to teach a squirrel how to speak French. I don’t care how many times you tell it that pomme de terre means potato, it’ll never do anything more than stare at you with that curious, head-tilted-to-the-side squirrel look.

It’s the same with your body. If it isn’t capable of swinging perfectly, it can’t swing perfectly.

The good news is that once you understand the limitations that your body currently has, you’ll be able to go in and correct them. Once you’ve corrected them, your body will be able to do all of those things that the books, magazines, and the pro at your club have been telling you to do. Even the most deep-seated of bad habits can be broken once you determine its cause. Eventually, your old swing will feel as odd and strange as wearing someone else’s shoes. This book will help you figure out the underlying causes of your problems so you can take your game to the next level.

If you came to see me at the PGA Tour Academy at TPC Sawgrass in Ponte Vedra, Florida, I could analyze and deconstruct your swing using a ton of expensive and high-tech equipment that’s installed there. The equipment is great. It can sense and detect things that the human eye just isn’t capable of seeing. But when I’m on the road, I don’t have access to these toys. What I do have is an understanding of biomechanics. To analyze the movement patterns of my players, I use the same assessments that are in this book. With these simple biomechanical assessments, I’m able to figure out what parts of the body are weak, tight, or unstable. I then put my players on the same exercise regimens you’ll find here.

Once the body is fixed, the swing is fixed.

So what is biomechanics anyway? Biomechanics is the study of how forces exerted both internally (by the muscles) and externally (by gravity) affect the skeletal system. You could study biomechanics to learn how birds fly or how horses run, but I’m obsessed with the biomechanics of golf. Think about it: what parts of the body aren’t involved in the golf swing? The golf swing is an incredibly complex motion that requires almost every part of the body to work together in harmony. If parts of the body aren’t up to the challenge, there’s no harmony. The swing suffers and you’re in the woods looking for your

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