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I started writing as a means of expressing myself. I was not always sure how to express myself to the world. At times I felt people did not understand me. I wanted people to know me. I wanted them to understand what I am capable of becoming. So I wanted to narrate a story of me by writing poetry. My biggest inspirations were my parents, family, friends and self-respect. My parents were like stepping stones over troubled waters and they deserve to be made proud. My family walked behind me like an army, they are the people who were prepared to support me no matter how tough things got. I don’t know where I would be without them. My friends are the people who finish my sentences. I respect them because they know so much about me, but yet they still want me in their lives. A true friend can see pass your differences and only looks at what makes you and her/him whole. Regarding my self-respect, I knew people wouldn’t take immediate response to my poetry because I am still a young writer. I am still processing into improvement but I told myself to never give up, because the day will come when people will listen to my protest.

I didn’t only write this book to make others understand me, but I also wrote it to understand myself better. I grew up being different from other children my age and I never really understood why, but ever since I have decided to write a book of poems. I have taught myself that God has given me this gift of being different, because He believes that I can fight through the challenges of life to become my own, unique self. Thanks for sharing my journey in your reading of this book.

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