I met Zazu a few years ago at a local pet store. Instantly I felt a bond with him. I had always wanted a pet cockatoo, and Zazu seemed to really like me. I knew that there was something very special about our instant connection. Zazu needed a new home after being left at the store by his previous owner. No one knew much about him, not even his age. He was shaking and fidgety but would say “Hello, Bird” to me and would hold out his foot for me to pick him up and pat him.
He came over to me immediately and looked up at me as if to say, “I really need someone to take care of me. I’m all alone and scared, and I don’t know where my human is or why I’m here.” The store owner was eager for me to take him home, and I was happy to do so. I took Zazu home with me that day. But there was a lot more that I needed to learn. I was told that Zazu is a greater sulphur-crested cockatoo—a triton to be exact. These birds are large and loud and very, very needy. They are also extremely complex to take care of.
It became clear within a few days that Zazu had a troubling past. He was an older bird, and he came with his own personal baggage. It was difficult to get him to eat his seeds, and he yelled every time I left the room. He always seemed to be trying to tell us something
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